From a nickname to the story

“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.”  – Philip Pullman

Isn’t that true? We all need good stories. They spread hope and connect the dots when nothing makes sense. Not everything needs to make sense but when something does it is easier to believe in. Over a month ago I decided that after numerous blogging attempts I finally need to put it all together and explain its purpose.

It felt so huge, that keeping it simple did not work and overcomplicating simply killed it.


Putting your story on the paper is like putting a label on yourself, which later can be used as a point of reference for society to judge you. Yet here is a wonderful thing about life: there are no rules and no boxes to put ourselves into. Each of us has a right to be anyone he/she wants to be and change at any point of time. Do you remember how important it was to know who you want to be when you graduate, as if we only get one shot in life? I still do not know for certain where I am going to land with my career, do you?

I moved to Denmark seven years ago. Could not be more grateful to my mum, who supported me till the end, when I was about to change my mind. That was one of the biggest steps I made in my life even though it did not feel that way back then. I came to Aalborg and as today remember myself standing at the train station calling the university representative to ask, where I can spend a night. I did not follow others and did not listen to all warnings that it will take me months to find accommodation. I decided to listen to my gut instead and did not regret that. In three days I moved into my first rental with two other strangers. Last summer I was honored to see one of them getting married. If I lived somewhere else I might have never gotten into my longest relationship. If I wasn’t committed to the relationship I might have moved to Stockholm and never taken a gap year between Bachelor’s and Master’s degree.

Who knows, @withcoffeetaste might has never been born, if I did not have that break. And if my relationship did not end I would have never fell in love so deeply two years ago. And if I refused to follow that feeling I would have lived in Stockholm by now, for sure. I might have never been able to travel so much if one person hadn’t noticed potential in me during my first serious job interview. If my life didn’t change 180 degrees last summer,  would we reconnect? Else, who would remind me to listen to my gut? There are billions of what if scenarios and even more potential outcomes, but one is true these events made me who I am today.


I love my life.

I was born in one amazing family of people, who always find the way. I spent my childhood and teenage years growing in Riga. I had no clear feeling of belonging to a certain culture, which taught me to respect people despite their origins. Now I pass by charming streets of Copenhagen on my way to work. My nine-to-five job allows me to travel and leaves some space for other passions. I am a feeler. I love deeply and hurt deeper. That helped me to connect with incredible people. Same trait attracted people, who served as experience. All of this is just a few chapters of the journey that builds a foundation for who I will be tomorrow. Sometimes it is easy to get distracted and forget that it is all about journey, not a destination. And even losing something or someone so dear is not the end yet another challenge on the road. After all, “how lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” (A. A. Milne)


@withcoffeetaste is a story of a person that starts each morning with a cup of coffee and ends it with a bit more of self-consciousness. 

It was born on Instagram at the time when I was a real coffee addict. It was an experiment which grew into something dear and personal, summarising the past five years of my life. I shared more when felt connected to myself and disappeared in the moments of uncertainty. I have never quitted and your feedback really kept me going.  It’s been a rough year, but as we know disruptions bring opportunities along. So I decided to take an advantage of it and become more of a person I want to be. I could not be more thankful to everyone supporting me on the way. Expressing vulnerability is not always easy but I promise to be brave.


It’s never easy to walk the journey alone and I hope that sharing mine will inspire others to make a step forward to their dream path. I am here to share the everyday beauty and my way of living more conscious life. I am passionate for exploring more inside and outside and looking forward to build likeminded community to write this story together.  And don’t forget “if I can you can-can” (Mason Zayid).


PS: Feel free to share your story and let me know if you want to know more about me in the comments.


Sincere thank you to Kate (@takeithigher) for these amazing pictures. 

pants: Monki;  shoes: Royal RepubliQ;   sweater: & Other Stories;     necklace : Sweet Delux 

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