My daily makeup faves

Makeup is one of my true obsessions. It’s is a great tool to express the inner beauty that I spoke about in my previous post. However when you have sensitive skin your options in the beauty section are quite limited. So in this post I will walk you through my selection of makeup products for daily makeup. As a disclaimer none of this stuff has been sponsored or gifted. It is just personal experience to help you save some money and nerves because it can get really frustrating. You know it better than me.

Some people do meditation, I do makeup! It is a beautiful feeling of exploring yourself and loving yourself. Back in university days my roommate giggled at me every time I smiled to myself in the mirror while applying blushes. But why shouldn’t I if there is such a lovely person smiling back?

I find it so fascinating how couple of brushes and shades can express your inner state. Just think about it when girl puts a red lipstick on she instantly looks sassy and confident. Trust me her posture will stay straight as long as colour remains on her cherry lips. Could she feel the same way without it? Of course but all of us need a little boost from time to time. And sometimes a little of concealer is significant enough. Often girls are judged on fooling the rest of the world by using makeup tricks. But would makeup be necessary if we didn’t judge by appearance? Probably yes, it would just require better marketing.

Nevertheless, unfortunately not all of us were gifted with #iwokeuplikethis look and still need to work on daily magic. When I was a teenager I was lucky to bypass acne issues. Yet at age of 23 it happened unexpectedly. Clearly I was not prepared for that. I spent crazy amount of money on different cleansing products and tried a wide variety of cosmetics. I tried to change my diet and lifestyle and nothing really worked.

Finally after two years of different treatments advised by my dermatologist we found a solution. Dear people who has the same issue, here is something for you. You are beautiful despite what anyone says. None would laugh at a person with diabetes, so why should acne be treated otherwise? And please remember that this is still treatable. Contemporary medicine offers a variety of treatments depending on your specific case. So don’t give up on yourself. It is not your fault you have it. But it is your responsibility to take care of yourself. Ok?

In the meantime it is a real hassle to find a balance between good coverage and do not annoy your reactive skin even more.


The treasure of September is a bareMinerals – Blemish Remedy foundation. It is light and has a good coverage. Comparing to other acne products this one got it all! I literally cannot feel it on my skin yet should not worry about imperfections. That is my first experience with powder foundation and honestly I was surprised how good it can be. Downside: I needed to buy a brush because beauty blender does not work for that + powder ends quicker than liquid foundation. So generally, more expensive but my skin is really grateful for this change. Further in the post I will tell you about less positive experiences.


Just talking about the next ones gives me goosebumps! I love Kiehl’s yet not all products suited me well. These two on the contrary I would never give up. LIP BALM #1 is truly number one. Apply it for the night and refresh in the morning to forget about dry lips for the rest of the day. Now when I am on medical treatment my lips dry out like crazy. With this baby though they look fresh and juicy. Just need to remember about it.

Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado is worth trying just for the sensation it gives. It feels like you are applying water on your skin despite its thick texture. Use it as a night moisturiser and apply in the morning if you had a rough sleep. Also works well for dry patches on your face.

Normally, I apply those right after washing my face and wait 15 minutes before applying makeup.


To keep my look simple and natural I stick to basics: mascara, eye-shadows, concealer and matte lipstick in nude shades.

Is Dior my favourite? I would not say that but it is special. By some reason I feel connected to that brand and Diorshow Iconic Overcurl is my life crush, honestly. It gives just right length and volume. And the best is that we went through rains and tears together and not even once it failed me. Lately I have been also using Dior concealer from the travel set. I keep it easy and just apply locally where needed.

After my brow pencil finished and I couldn’t find a replacement for it I’ve been using eye-shadows from the same kit. Colour match – check! Fast and easy – check! Colour intensity and resistance – check! Money saved – check! Don’t think I will change my technique any time soon.

And finally, Victoria’s Secret Velvet Matte Lip Stain. To be honest I would die for their colours but I would expect much more from quality. Still using it though because it has a perfect shade. Additionally I use Kiko blushes from their limited-edition capsule collection and Clarins duo bronzing powder when need to live up my look. Yeah, not good with sleep, so comes in handy.


Finally here come two of my absolute NOs. I know that many are happy with Clinique cosmetics yet it did not work for me. Clinique anti-blemish solution has the best coverage but it takes forever to clean it from skin and eventually in 2-3 weeks time skin gets more reactive. It is very difficult to get off this ferris wheel and stop using it because how can I go out like this?

Second NO is The Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB cream. It just does not cover neither remains on your skin. I know that BB Creams are lighter than foundation but they still do secure coverage of al least red pigment. Perhaps someone experienced it differently. Please share if you did. 06

So that was it for now. Let me know what you think and feel free to share your personal experience in the comments below. Cheers!

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